About Us


Byteks USA, LLC.

is an official representative of Byteks LTD. We offer the highest quality famous Russian multi-purpose boots. They are tested and approved by  special units forces around the world, and are even considered the best  tactical boots in the world by our special units buyers. Our boots are  available for purchase at our online store to customers worldwide. You  deserve the best, and our boots are the best.



Whether you are looking

for a sturdy pair of hunting and hiking boots  or you are in law enforcement and require tactical boots that can  withstand any temperature, we have you covered. Our unisex boots come in  styles that are tough, can handle many types of terrain, and are  offered in a variety of sizes. 



   The BYTEKS Company is a producer and wholesaler of multi-purpose  footwear for security services, military, police, hunters, tourists and  simply for people who choose an active lifestyle. The range of product  comprises of more than 70 models of footwear used by professional units  of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Drug Control  Service, and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,  tourists, hunter, hikers and many others. The COBRA series models are  used in many units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian  Federation. 



For over 60 years Belarussian factory "Ray" has been making footwear  for all genders and all occasions. The BYTEKS brand was founded on  September 17, 2003.  Our team decided we needed to expand our business  to the United States. We are the top manufacturer of these types of  boots in the area, and you are sure to be pleased with their durability.  Our boots are used by special units and security forces around the  world. We sell about 500,000 pairs of boots to professional and  recreational wearers each year.    

The  company operates its own manufacturing premises and the modeling and  design department staffed by professionals. We are guided by worldwide  experience and technologies in the manufacturing of military footwear  such as army boots, low shoes, combat boots, plimsolls, etc. The special  footwear for hunting is among the newest of footwear manufactured by  our company. Also, our company is adherent to high standards for our  products in terms of functionality, safety and comfort. Kalahari series  combat boots with cushioning inserts are among the new designs.

      All models made by our company meet the requirements all government  agencies and are fully certified. We regularly design new models (such  as tactical assault boots for special units of the Ministry of Internal  Affairs of Russia, army boots, low shoes for top-level officers, assault  boots) in accordance with worldwide experience and cooperation with the  special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, taking their  professional experience into consideration. Army boots made by our  company proved   to be effective many times in extreme urban environments and in conflict   areas in Russia.

The  BYTEKS Company operates an extensive sales network. It consists of  shops operated by our partner companies in the largest Russian cities.  We offer our footwear everywhere in Russia, Europe, Canada and USA and  now we ship worldwide.